Technologies used: Godot Engine/ GDScript and
React Native, React, JavaScript/ES6, Android Studio, HTML, CSS, PYTHON, PHP

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Escape From Seventh Planet play now for free online

the game is based on stories from the book The Seventh Planet - Galaxies and People, which is the first volume of the series: Natural Principles of Life

Do you need a mobile application?
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native, hybrid for the following systems: Android, iOS, Windows


Escape From Seventh Planet play now for free online

native, hybrid for systems: Android, iOS, Windows

gry hybrid native mobile applications
gry hybrid native mobile applications
Need a mobile game? Or maybe a presentation of your company's products and services?
We cordially invite you to cooperation :)! ...



gry hybrid native mobile applications

We offer assistance to entrepreneurs running a traditional business in transferring it to the digital world. We advise in a comprehensive manner - from idea to implementation, e.g .:
* mobile application / game,
* digital presentation of the company's products and services,
* on-line store, product presentation portal, etc.
We also support effective marketing and sales activities, adjusting your website to them.



One of the biggest problems of small and medium-sized companies is the lack of planning, also in the field of digitization (virtualization) strategy of the company's operations. Entering the world of the Internet, or developing the existence in this modern medium, is a great challenge for any company. Operating efficiency is based on a number of factors, including:
* effective website and / or sales website,
* competitive position,
* expectations and needs of on-line customers,
we will adjust the rest to the specifics of your company, contact us, let's talk :).

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Any questions or doubts as to the possibility of developing your company with the use of the latest information technologies? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Yet:


Choose an appropriate means of post-domestic communication for you, but if you are planning to come to the company's headquarters, please make an appointment by phone first.

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aplikacje gry mobilne webowe 509 869 388 is part of the sp.z dealing with the creation and publishing of digital projects: guides, books, games - in the form of mobile and / or web applications.

Games and applications - design and coding

Godot Engine 4.x is a basic tool (so-called engine) in the everyday work of a creator of both 2D and 3D games. Godot Engine is a free and open source project. This game engine allows you to easily create interesting and modern projects. Coding effects, i.e. ready-made games, can be run on various operating systems (Windows, Android, Linux, iOS). Godot Engine 4.x is the latest version of the engine that introduces many new features and improvements, improved performance and new extraordinary development tools.

With Godot Engine, it is possible to use several programming languages, but by far the best and simplest solution is the GDScript language, which is very similar to Python. And maybe a little bit of JavaScript as well.

If you are looking for a way to create a 2D or 3D game, please contact us. Below in the footer you will find the necessary contact details. It's best to ask about me right away: Dariusz Gołębiowski. I will be happy to talk to you about your needs and expectations. See you and/or see you soon :).

Want to learn about Godot Engine 4.x? I would like to invite you to my free guides, which you can find on YouTube on the @poswojsku channel: